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Laparoscopic Surgery for lower GI operations

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Talk by Jane Hendricks

The group was very pleased to have a presentation by Jane Hendricks, Laparoscopic Nurse Practitioner, Colchester General Hospital.

Her presentation was very much patient/member led so rather than transcribe the whole talk, below are the links referred to.

The following organisation has patient information areas as well as healthcare professional information.  

If anyone wants to access video content of procedures (not for everyone, but some people have requested reputable sites) is the European association for endoscopic surgery, which also produces guidelines on various surgical procedures and their management. is a patient information site that provide a whole host of useful and credible information for patients.

Finally, Jane referred to a short comedy clip during her talk but she was unable to show it due to a problem with her internet connection. Below is a link to the YouTube website with a video called Sir Lancelot Sprat

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